When will the CoMADE building be done?

We are planning for the building to be complete in Early 2021.

Where is it located?

Our new building will be located in the Innovation Corridor in Avondale.

How much will it cost?

It will cost $21 million to acquire land and erect the three-story building, which would encompass 100,000 square feet. Another $5 million is needed for planning, start up and program costs.

How can I be involved or volunteer?

Please fill out this interest form and CoMADE will follow up with you. 

How can I participate in one of the programs?

Right now, you can apply to participate in one of our pilot programs. In 2019, we will begin to accept applicants for all seven programs in our new, state-of-the-art center.

Does anything like comade exist elsewhere?

Yes. We have benchmarked against other cities and other successful programs. But our approach has one key difference. CoMADE will set the new model for bringing all the right programs together under one roof to spark enhanced connections and collaboration across entrepreneurs, manufacturers and workers.

Why not just purchase and adapt an existing building?

We closely considered this option. But when we put actual numbers to it, the cost to retrofit an existing space in a way that could house seven programs and advanced manufacturing equipment (like industrial additive manufacturing printers) was surprisingly more costly than building from the ground up. Building a new building gives us more control over features and a better overall value than retrofitting.

HOW Will comade create new jobs?

Yes, CoMADE will create new jobs in the region! But we are concerned with both quality and quantity.  Our vision is to create more living-wage (and better!) jobs and to foster more ownership.  We want to extend opportunity to everyone, regardless of circumstance. From lending a useful tool to making it possible to launch and own a business. 

  • Jobs will come from employment at CoMADE, at CoMADE launched firms and at regional manufacturers using CoMADE programs.
  • Programs for men and women returning from prison or entering the workforce for the first time will help them secure employment.
  • Programs for already successful workers to advance to higher paid jobs improves wages and career growth.