Our programs

Creating new jobs, new opportunities, and new hope

CoMADE unites in one place entrepreneurs, workers, manufacturers to engage in proven programs to generate new jobs, diverse workforces, advanced manufacturing processes, innovative new products and vibrant communities. 

Our programs have been thoughtfully planned out to leverage the city’s existing strengths in design, production, marketing and distribution of innovative manufactured products, to create new, well-paid, highly-skilled manufacturing jobs.

Product & Fashion Accelerators

Hardware and Fashion Accelerators for teams bringing innovative physical products to market.

The Business Incubator

Resources and support services for entrepreneurs who have a small staff now and are looking to scale up.

Affordable Coworking Space

Affordable space and some services for individuals and small businesses just getting off the ground.

Tool Library & Workshop

A place to acquaint individuals with the purpose and use of basic tools.

SKILLS Training

Both soft skills and job training for individuals with a focus on Construction, Supply Chain and Additive Manufacturing.

The Future of Manufacturing

Manufacturing teams get first-hand exposure to the latest technologies, business models and processes.

Prototyping & Micro-Factory

Startups iterate on physical product prototypes and the micro-factory is outfitted with machinery for small finished-product runs.

Community Gathering & Events

Dedicated event space for companies, community groups, and others to use.