CoMADE in Walnut Hills

Creating opportunity in walnut hills

The CoMADE Walnut Hill’s location is launching many CoMADE programs at a smaller scale.  The location will be hosting a variety of classes, programs, and events for the community and our members. Individuals can be part of our community of different membership and commitment levels tailored to each individual‘ls interest in CoMADE.

Too important to wait

CoMADE with so many benefits to offer the community could not wait for the Avondale building to be finished before starting work. So we are setting up a smaller CoMADE operation in Walnut Hills. The CoMADE Walnut Hills location will be launching and piloting some of CoMADE’s core programs.  The location will also be hosting a variety of events and classes open to the public as well as have members in co-working space and workshops. 

Losantaville, our current shared workshop space, will also be relocating to this new CoMADE facility.  CoMADE will launch our programs to begin creating the community that will jumpstart the larger program in the Avondale location. 

Walnut Hills offerings 

Tool Library

The launching of the CoMADE tool library will attract individuals with a variety of skills.  An extensive amount and variety of tools will be available in the tool library, and some workspace is available for tool library members. Help with projects will be available to make everyone a success. 

rentable office Space
Affordable office space is available to small businesses looking to be part of a fun and exciting entrepreneurship atmosphere.
Individual desks
Multiple desk spaces are available at reasonable rates with a membership. 
rentable workshop tables
Rentable workshop tables are available to members who need constant space to assemble projects or products.  

CoMADE’s makerspace will feature a woodshop to members to fit a small business’s needs.

Metal Shop

The metal shop, like the woodshop, will be available to members and capable of fitting a small business’s demands.


CoMADE will be offering a variety of business and workshop classes to members and non-members. These classes will teach people about producing and selling physical products.

workforce training

CoMADE will be training people for living wage jobs and sustainable careers in manufacturing through our workforce development programs.


CoMADE will have in house events hosted by the team for members and nonmembers. Our event space can also be used by other organizations or people looking for an event space.